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Experience freedom without the need for oversight. As a registered owner-operator in our network, you gain access to boundless opportunities, minimized deadhead miles, and adept dispatchers. Leave aside the necessity for a trailer or dealing with paperwork headaches. We handle all those details on your behalf.We enthusiastically collaborate with new truckers too.
Our brokers stand out as top-tier professionals, rigorously screened for creditworthiness, and consistently offering immediate and continuous job opportunities. At a fixed rate of 15% per load, we prioritize ensuring your trucks generate substantial revenue. Our competitive pay structure guarantees weekly compensation, providing a steady and reliable income stream.
Bobtail insurance for your truck/trailer is a prerequisite. We want to emphasize that this helps us offer a reduced percentage per load. Your capacity to maximize earnings per load is our primary focus, and this requirement facilitates that goal. Leasing with us is straightforward and swift! Begin the process now.
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